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About Us

Welcome to SamjhadarThekedar.com, a venture powered by Mahamaya Agn Total Solution Private Limited. Established in the year 2018, we are a company deeply involved in the trading, supply, and transportation of electrical equipment essential for turnkey contracts of both governmental and private entities. Our platform serves as a bridge connecting contractors and small-scale vendors with top-notch electrical products.

Our Credentials:

ISO Certified: Mahamaya Agn Total Solution is an ISO certified company, assuring the highest standards of quality and service in all our offerings. (ISO certificates attached)
GMP Compliant: As a Goods Manufactured Practice (GMP) company, we adhere to strict guidelines for ensuring the quality of our products. (GMP certificate attached)
PWD Registered: Our state-level registration as a PWD (Public Works Department) company showcases our capabilities in handling projects for government agencies.

GTP Approved Vendor: We are proud to be an approved vendor for Grant Technical Practice (GTP) by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution State Corporation (MSEDCL) from the Bhandara Circle. This recognition underscores our expertise in serving the electrical needs of the region. Exporter and Importer Registered: Mahamaya Agn Total Solution Private Limited holds the status of an exporter and importer registered vendor, enabling us to offer a diverse range of electrical solutions. FSSAI State Level Approved: Our company is also an FSSAI State Level approved entity, actively engaged in event management and catering businesses, providing comprehensive services beyond electrical products. Embracing Digitalization: At Mahamaya Agn Total Solution Private Limited, we are constantly striving to enhance our services through digitalization. Our mobile application and website software facilitate smoother operations across various sectors, fostering better business-to-business interactions. As Samjhadar Thekedar, our mission is to provide a reliable and efficient platform that caters to the diverse needs of contractors, small-scale vendors, and the electrical community at large. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your trusted partner in electrical solutions.

Our Mission

Stakeholder Onboarding: Our mission is to onboard all stakeholders onto our website and application software, creating a seamless platform for contractors, small-scale vendors, and other electrical industry players.

Efficient Order Management: We aim to maximize order management through these platforms, ensuring smooth and timely processing of orders for all stakeholders.
With our comprehensive solutions and commitment to excellence, we strive to be a trusted outsourcing partner in the electrical industry, offering expert assistance tailored to the specific needs of each stakeholder.




Problems Faced by Stakeholder 1 (Contractor): Lack of Tracking Platform: Contractors struggle to monitor day-to-day site workers involved in contractual works due to the absence of a proper tracking platform.
Limited Scalability: Services cannot be provided on a large scale as there is a lack of awareness regarding available technical staff at different levels.
Management Challenges:Managing high-scale projects requires significant funding and poses difficulties in tracking inventory and material utilization on-site.
Payment and Records Management: Contractors face challenges in tracking payments and managing records efficiently, leading to confusion in tax differentiations and bill submissions.
Loss of Time and Business Growth: These issues result in a loss of time and hinder the scaling up of business. High management costs and inventory and money management become burdensome. Problems Faced by Stakeholder 2 (Skilled Workers and Employers): Common Issues: Skilled workers and employers face common challenges that require solutions for effective work management. Our Solution - Samjhadar Thekedar (Software, Website, and Mobile Application):
Comprehensive Software: We offer an all-in-one software, website, and mobile application solution enabling contractors to manage everything, including tracking personnel, funds, and deductions.
Simplified Recruitment and Payments: Skill workers and technical recruitment become more straightforward, with work payment tracking and receipts facilitated through our platform.
User-Friendly Interface: Ensuring our platform is user-friendly for less educated contractors and skilled workers.
Onboarding Serious Customers: Attracting and onboarding committed customers onto our platform.
Safety and Privacy: Maintaining a secure payment system with utmost privacy.
Hassle-Free Payment Process: Implementing a seamless and secure payment methodology.
Expanding Customer Base: Striving to enhance our customer base by reaching out to more stakeholders.
With Samjhadar Thekedar's innovative solutions, we aim to revolutionize the electrical industry by providing a user-friendly platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by contractors, skilled workers, and other stakeholders, enabling smooth operations and efficient business management.